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Ireland’s Dirty Laundry

By Newdecadetv · March 1, 2022

The new two-part RTÉ documentary Ireland’s Dirty Laundry tells the story of the Magdalene Laundries, primarily through the moving testimonies of some of the survivors. Below, producer Nuala Cunningham introduces the films, which premiere on RTÉ One on March 2nd and 9th. As producers, our company New Decade first became involved with the Magdalene story […]


Cameras roll on “The Island – 1.8 Billion Years in the Making” with Liz Bonnin

By Newdecadetv · June 7, 2021

Over three episodes ‘Land’, ‘Water’ and ‘Life’, Liz Bonnin uncovers the fascinating geological journey of the island of Ireland, tracing long lost continents, the origins of our earliest rock formations, Ireland’s amazing seabed mapping programme, and examining the turning point in evolution with the world’s oldest reliable evidence of the transition of life from water […]



By Newdecadetv · May 21, 2021

This dynamic and uplifting new series for RTÉ will show how Irish universities are helping to create meaningful change in society through a range of diverse and collaborative projects in areas such as health, children, education, equality, inclusion and the environment. We follow some key researchers across seven universities who are partnering with public bodies […]


New series of “10 Things to Know About…” starts Mon 9th November on RTÉ One

By Newdecadetv · November 8, 2020

2020 been a challenging year for all of us, but never before has science and science communication been so prominent and vital in our everyday lives.  Once again, we’re delighted to be able to feature a wonderful group of people around the country who are incredibly passionate about their important research projects. In 10 Things to Know About Light, Jonathan takes to […]